About Kerry Morton(from Ernie)

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I am Ernie Morris, one of the many people that Kerry met through the years. I met Kerry at MDAnderson, Houston quiet a while back. We met through the Colon Chat Room, where we set up a “date” in theMDA lunch room. Kerry was such a beautiful, dynamic person. I will miss her so much.

The special bond that I felt with Kerry happened; I was a patient in MDAnderson, colon cancer. I had a setback, and went into a coma. It was chaos in that place for me. Out of all the confusion I hear a voice, talking to me. After 7 weeks, I open my eyes to see Kerry, standing by my bed. I still feel strongly that she called me back from the brink. I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to visit with her more, but I am so very thankful that she became a part of my life. I will always remember Kerry with a smile in my heart.

I’ll strive to be a better person through living in Kerry’s shadow. She is my Guardian Angel. I will never forget her.

Forever Your Servant Kerry,



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    WOW. what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing that story aobut our angel Kerry. I did not know her well but we talked from time to time near the end. We agreed to go dancing when I run into her again.
    I was feeling a bit down and self pittying today from my pain. Your post helped.
    Glad Kerry was able to touch your life.
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    That's just beautiful.

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    Beautiful story...thank you for sharing. Kerry was, and still is, very special indeed.
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    What a beautiful story. I didn't know Kerry that well, we met in Nashville last year. She was one classy lady. She will be missed.

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    Thank you for posting this. I logged on this morning to post a thread about Kerry and how I am having a hard time thinking she is gone from here and here yours was.....thank you. She was such an integral part of the Semi-Colons, and though I never met her IRL, she touched me none-the-less. I am really missing her today and had wanted to share that with our colon family. Apparently, I am not alone. That's the great thing about this community. :-)

    That is awesome that you came back from a coma.

    Kerry, Bud, Sweet Baby Girl Andrea...I miss them all.

    peace, emily
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    I miss Kerry literally every single day. I met her in person at many of the paloozas, and I'm sure that is what is making this so difficult to digest. I was one of the people she spoke to near "the end" and my heart still aches when I remember how fragile and tiny her voice sounded.

    Lisa Rose and I emailed each other a while back listing those who have left us, and with each name was the question "why". Why do some treatments work for some folks and not for others? Why was it them? Why wasn't it me? Losing one of "us" is tragic, but when it was Kerry, it was simply unfair. She was like a sister to Kay, Lisa Rose, Scouty, and myself. The 5 of us spoke to each other SO often, it was terrific. I am hoping to coast along those memories of her to happier times, because right now, they really really are not so happy.



    P.S. Ernie, I remember Kerry telling us to pray for you, looks like it worked, and I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!