Stand up comedy

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At least we are all here for the same reason, and it ain't cancer. We are here to help each other get through this garbage.
I'd rather get my laughs laying down than standing up------- actually I don't think that I have tried that position.............. want to teach me ???????????
Feeling a little bit better today. Worked 1/2 day. Don't really want to admit that the chemo is kicking my butt. If something(someone) is going to beat my ****, I'd rather it be yall.
you ladies keep me going, don't know what I'd do without you.


  • cabbott
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    You will have to find your own partner for the experiment. Mine of 23 years won't share!

    C. Abbott

    PS Glad you're feeling better!
  • mmontero38
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    Glad you're back Bill, was missing your humor. After 29 yrs mine won't share either. Love ya, Lili
  • Eil4186
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    Bill, give yourself some slack---chemo is controlled poisening. It will kick your ****! Period. You do what you can and work will have to understand. Be good to yourself. E
  • NorcalJ
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    I give you fifty points for just working---I can't even attempt it!

    We can help you laugh, all complain and moan togther, but I don't think we could kick your fanny any worse than chemo, the absolute champ at that!

    Hang in there, and you'll be having the last laugh!
  • Jadie
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    Hi Bill

    Chemo sure is an a$$ kicker. I'm sure it can do better than us because we are all too tired.

    After 35 yrs my partner probably would share. But you probably wouldn't want it.