Good news on my sister!

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I was diagnosed in 2004 with stage IIIB colon cancer at the age of 43. I urged my 5 siblings to have colonoscopies done and my last hold-out sister finally had hers done a little while ago. All siblings' results have been clear, thank God. My sister that JUST had hers done had a polyp removed and it came back from the lab as pre-cancerous. Thanks to my continuous nagging, the polyp was removed, she will have regular follow-ups and she won't have to go through what us semi-colons have to deal with daily!



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    You're a VERY good sister to keep insisting. I'm sure she's glad now that she listened to you...finally!

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    now there is a good Sister for ya. Way to be a pain in the butt at the over the right topic. My three brothers have been tested also and are clear.
    next you can move onto the local grocery store and stand in the red meat section handing out flyers. have you had your colonoscopy yet sir?? Maam.....
    thanks for the goood news. well needed today.
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    my sister went right after I was diagnosed and had 6 precancerous polyps. Could you speak to my two brothers who haven't gone yet. They worry me. I am kidding about speaking to them, thank goodness you sister went. I am about to have my brothers escorted by large guys with tatoos!!!

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    Thanks for the laughs guys! Why we have to pester so long, I am not even sure! Now that I have succeeded with the last of my siblings I am moving on to a friend at church who's twin is in the middle of diagnosing masses in the liver and colon. And he's over 50! Geez... and I haven't been quiet about my experiences at church, either!
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    God Bless
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    That's wonderful news! One of the blessings i find in getting my cancer is that no one else in my family should ever get it. At least not colorectal cancer. My Mother is 60 years old, and her insurance was refusing her a colonoscopy until i got diagnosed. After that, they let her have it, and seven polyps were found! Same with her sister. My brother had one. I'm currently pressuring my 28 year old cousin to get it done. When this disease runs in the family (i have two great uncles who had it), it's never too early to get checked.

    Many hugs,