great news on the rib pain

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Dr called and my bones look good if pain continues he will send me for a pet scan but so far so good. I was so worried after the tech said "where did the cancer start" I was so sure it had spread but good news no signs of it. YEAH!!! Thanks everyone for the support, prayers, and hugs


  • Jadie
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    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephanie

    I am so glad to hear that and I can imagine how happy you are. It's like hearing that your mamo is negative....Oh what a relief it is!
  • cabbott
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    Thanks for the wonderful news! I was thinking about you this morning and hoping everything would turn out okay. Go celebrate!

    C. Abbott
  • chenheart
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    WHOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! Thanks for sharing your great news with us!

    Gentle Hugs!
  • Bill.S
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    I think that it is time for another BIG BIG BEAR HUG
    Bill S
  • RE
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    What fantastic news! I am so happy for you!

  • mmontero38
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    What great news Stephanie, I knew you would be alright. Go out and celebrate. Love, Lili
  • Joycelouise
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    I am so happy for you. May you only receive good news from here on out! love, Joyce