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just up and hubby still sleeping. I woke up because I bit my tongue...ouch. ....

Feeling good, my wbc is still at zero but that is normal. Hopefully joshua's killer are eating up the cancer while my system is down.

I have dropped 6lbs from the nausea I had for several days, hope it doesnt' find me again. The nausea or the lbs.

I heard frm the research nurse people from NC have called to get on the list. Still remaining hopeful here.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I am okay.



  • mopar
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    So good to hear from our WARRIOR! God is sustaining you, and sending the 'Troops of Terror' to destroy the enemy! Here's bunches of hugs, love and prayer, Bonnie. Thank you so much for personally writing to us!
    Luv ya!
    'And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole'
  • floridajo
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    So good to hear from you. I'm sad that your feeling so sick and losing weight. Hopefully it will all pass soon and you'll be on the mend. (((hugz)))~~~Joanne
  • ladyjogger31
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    So good to hear from you!! Sending you Luv , Hugs and Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  • carol2dogs
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    Thanks so very much for updating us. We have all been so anxious about you! I'm sorry about the nausea, but glad to hear you are hopefully through the worst of that. You are our hero! Keep doing well and mending!
    Love and hugs and prayers, Carol
  • Keelie
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    Hello there, Trail Blazer! So happy to hear that you are feeling some better! With joy and gratitude, MM aka Keelie
  • kris43
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    Bonnie - you really are an inspiration. I don't know if I could go full force in to the unknown. I'm sorry to hear about the nausea but hopefully that is a thing of the past. You have a wonderful attitude - and we are all so proud of you. Take good care. Hugs to you and you will close in my thoughts. Kris
  • aussie59
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    Bonnie, Glad to hear from you. You are a very courageous person to put your hand up for this new pioneering treatment. I hope it is available in Aus soon. Sending my love and prayers. Irene
  • lizper
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    Bonnie, great to hear from you. Thanks to brave women like you many are still hopefull. I hope the nausea passes quickly and you have a quick recovery. God bless. Liz