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Just wondering if there is anyone out there or knows of someone that there CA-125 never really got down to normal. In otherwords, just stayed under 100 and were told that they would be watched because there were no signs of cancer after having a CT-scan.My doctor said that is what they would do to me. I would like to talk to someone with a familiar situation.
Hugs and paryers to all of you!


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    Long time since a post,but am in the same place you are. First round (i yr. of chemo) went into remission for a year. Then a recurrence which I am in now my numbers started at 60 and have stayed between 80 and 100 for 10 treatments. My gyn.onc says I am rock solid stable, a good thing. am going on a break for 120 days soon, and he is not worried. Ct is clear all exams
    are clear so he is not concerned nor am I, so just sit back and trust your doctor. Good luck! Liz
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    I can understand your being scared I would also be scared. I would still ask for the last 2 chemos you spoke of earlier..or maybe get a second opinion. The last thing you said was that your numbers were still dropping,so that is why I would want more chemo. My Onc states that if he seea a ca-125 result 3 times in a row,he believes that is your final number. He also does not treat by numbers and he would go along with the ct scan,but only after he had the same ca-125 numbers in a row. Good luck..I hope you get some answers you can live with.>>(((hugz)))~~~Joanne