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I just got back from a 400 mile round trip to see a liver surgeon that my onc referred me to. My onc office did not include my latest PET scan report and the CD they sent me with did not have the latest scan. On the way home I was so discouraged because I felt like it was a wasted trip and using up my precious sick leave. Anyway I came home and logged on to this site and have received so may encouraging replys to my first posting. Thank you all. You really boosted my spirits.


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    That's just bad. I hope the doctor's office will forward the correct information to the liver surgeon, so you can get some help.


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    Isn't it silly how difficult it is for "professionals" to get their sh#t together? I have had many problems with assistants and nurses that can't seem to get it together, and waste much of my valuable time. It has taken eight folfox treatments before me and my nurse could connect enough to where i no longer have to spend six hours in infusion when it should only take three!

    Makes looking forward to the end of this that much sweeter!

    Good luck with the liver expert!
    Many hugs,
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    Will the liver surgeon look at updated scans once your doc sends them to him/her? Maybe you will hear the results through your onc.
    Jo Ann
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    Wow.. I almost feel dejavu. My hubby and I went to liver surgeon last week. Onc was supposed to send ct results 2 weeks ago, never did even after we called to be sure they had and were told it was all set. We should have called the surgeon. We Did get the PET from the hospital there, But we are "on hold" right now waiting to get scheduled for another liver biopsy due to the hold up on ct. He wants to see that too. Fortunately it was only a 80 mile round trip for us. Hard to believe isn't it, that this happens. Anyway, good luck and keep the faith. Hopefully they can send your surgeon a cd and he can review and call you. God Bless