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I had a biopsy for my breast mass. Several days later, the doctor called me saying the result came back as "pre-cancerous". He asked me to make an appointment with him and then schedule another biopsy to get more information.

I thought it would be either "binign" or "cancer". Is there a stage of "pre-cancerous"? When I told my estranged husband that the doctor wants me to make an appointment with him and schedule a second biopsy, he said that "the doctor is milking you for your money." According to my husband, the doctor could have removed the suspicious mass in the first place, but that would end his business.

I am very confused now. I don't know who to trust. I have received a report on the biopsy procedure done on me, but I have not received a written report of the biopsy result. Is there such a report? The doctor just told me it is "pre-cancerous", and that I need more appointments with him and more biopsies.

Some history. I had the breast mass for about 5 years before I moved to USA. In the past 10 years in USA, I had mammograms and ultrasounds every year. The results from the radiologist came back as "benign" or "believed to be benign". Until I saw this surgeon and he told me on the phone that it is "pre-cancerous".


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    Sometimes another biopsy is required, but before you have the Dr. do it, sit down and ask him all these questions. When in doubt, get a 2nd opinion. Most insurance Co's will pay for that. If your current Dr. can't recommend someone who is NOT in his practice, call a cancer center or University, or ask your primary MD for a referral.
    By the way, there are "pre-cancerous" results, but get the Dr. to explain it in terms you understand----and you are also entitled to a biopsy report, not just the operative report.
    Good luck, and let us know what you find out.