Tribute to Kerry ~ Forever In Our Hearts

Lisa Rose
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Dear Friends,

For all of us who knew Kerry through the CSN and from attending our annual Palooza's we truly got to know a wonderful gracious lady. Kerry was a beautiful person on the inside and out, she was fun to be around and always enjoyed a good laugh with friends. One of our favourite memories of Kerry is how we all spent our last afternoon at CP5 together sitting in our hotel room sipping cool cans of Coors light and eating chips from the improvised hor derve tray { the ice bucket}. We will remember those few hours as long as we live . We had the pleasure of meeting Kerry's Mom and Dad and family at CP3 in Austin when Kerry and Merriman hosted us at their home. It was a beautiful evening and we want to sent condolences out to all of Kerry's loved ones.

On the serious side Kerry fought a courageous battle with colon cancer since December 2002. Kerry fought with grace, dignity and class. She truly was a classy lady and we are so proud to able to say she was a wonderful friend.

So copy paste and celebrate this tribute " Forever In Our Hearts " to Kerry's memory as it captures Kerry at her best "just having fun"!

Love Always,
Lisa & Andy Perrin

Riverview, NB


  • scouty
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    Baby Lisa aka Lisa Rose (or is it vice versa?)

    That was awesome. I haven't made it through without crying yet and probably never will BUT that is exactly the way I will remember her (especially the shot she loved with the "boys" in the background. Heh heh.

    Thank you so much so I can and will always cherish my CSN sister at her best.

    Lisa P.
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    Thank you, always know how to put these together just right!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • Kanort
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    Lisa Rose and Andy,

    Thank you so much for honoring Kerry with this video while comforting us with the memory of her living life to the fullest.

    Your extra efforts to choreograph the pictures with the music is extraordinary. Thank you!!!


  • sladich
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    Thank you Lisa. What a wonderful tribute!

  • suzannchili
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    What a beautiful tribute Lisa! Thank you! Kerry was a special lady and will always be in our hearts!
  • mindy10
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    sladich said:

    Thank you Lisa. What a wonderful tribute!


    What a beautiful video thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Monicaemilia
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    Lisa Rose: A wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady. Monica