tips for last chemo?

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hi everyone, its me again looking for your advice. my last chemo next week and you would think i'd be ready for it, but this one i am really dreading. My poor right arm is very sore and stiff and i'm sure my veins have gone on holiday! After 5 treatments i still can't get out of bed for the first 3 days, what is the secret to getting up and about after your chemo? I feel that its more the drugs they give you that lays you up but i could be wrong, just feel depressed at the thought of spending yet another long weekend in bed feeling awful. thanks again ladies, tan x


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    Hi Tan, don't know what advice I can give you that will make you feel any better. I unfortunately felt worse with every chemo treatment, but the Great NEWS us that it's your last one and you're done. Congrats, you're almost there, Hugs, Lili
  • Drinking water helped. Not just because it was hydrating, cleansing, etc. but because with each sip I told myself, "This water is going to help me". It was a positive meditation. The last chemo - you will be able to recover without anticipating doing it again. That is a huge help. Lay in some good books or movies for bed time. Smile to yourself as you lay there thinking about how you will soon be leaving the chemo days BEHIND! Also, ask the nurses to put the chemo in a vein that is not at the same location as last time, either the hand, or the wrist, or the forearm.
    You're almost done sweetie! love, Joyce
  • I can certainly relate, tan. I was the same after each chemo treatment, in bed for 3 days.
    I learned AFTER THE FACT that I was allergic to iodine and that the drugs they were giving me was full of it.
    When I finished treatment, I just keep repeating...'this is the LAST time, this is the LAST time...
    Plan a big holiday for yourself as soon as the effects wear off...that would be my advice.
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    I don't blame you at all for dreading another chemo treatment and the nasty side effects. Since you know how long you are likely to be laid up in bed, why don't you mark on your calendar when you are likely to be well and start planning your "I finished!" party. You deserve at least a night on the town, dinner with friends, or whatever makes you feel happy. Put a picture on your bedroom wall of where you are going and keep your eye on the date when you can celebrate. It will be over before you know it. Congratulations!

    C. Abbott
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    I hope you can at least mentally celebrate the last chemo! Perhaps your physical body isn't up to it, but you will have finished the Chemo Cocktail!!! WHOOOO-HOOOOO!!!! Happy Dance!

    Slowly but surely, your body will recover from the treatment; plan something wonderful for yourself! A spa day, perhaps? Wonderful relaxing aromas, and a total body pampering might be just the thing you not only need, but absolutely DESERVE!

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    thanks so much everyone for you advice, i'm ready for it, lets get it over with and start my new life.
    love to all you wise ladies , xx