2nd Mastectomy

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When I was going through the diagnosis phase of my cancer over 10 years ago there was a thought out there that maybe having double mastectomies was too traumatic for the body, so dealing with cancer side first was the best advice given to me. I was stage 3 though with 11 out of 21 positive nodes and never have found out Genetically where I am. I had my first mastectomy and almost to the day a year later had a second one due to more lumps but NO cancer. I too couldn't live with the increased risk factors after having the disease so had the second one though all along I wanted the bilateral. I listened to my mother the Nurse and only had one done and that decision probably saved my life after having a raging blood infection that almost took it. Had I had a bilateral mastectomy who knows what the outcome might have been.
I still have not brought myself to the rebuilding stage and have come to terms with being breastless. I don't want to go through any more than I have to so won't even flirt with the thought of reconconstruction. I am very comfortable with my body something I don't think I really could of said before cancer and know breasts do not make the person. I kind of like men looking me in my eyes and not always at my chest, lol


  • Tara, I could not agree more. I lost both breasts, less than 2 years apart, both with cancer in them.
    No recon for me either. As you said, enough was enough for me.
    All that was in '86 and '88, and I hardly think of my 'breastless' state any more. I do wear prosthesis when I go out, but not around home. If someone comes to the door without calling first, well I figure they get what they deserve.
    It is a very individual decision and I think every woman should make the one she is most comfortable with.