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I'm just curious. How long does it take for any side effects from aromotase inhibitors or tamoxifen to begin showing up? I'm just wondering. Thanks. Marilynn


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    Side Effects of hormone treatment
    None of the side effects I have had were the sort to totally sideline me from regular activities. I noticed the time between periods switched from every 24 days to every 40+ days immediately after I started tamoxifen. The doctor said it may have been that time of life, but the timing was rather suspicious. The hot flashes increased only slightly. When I had surgical menapause two years later, I really had hot flashes-like every 20 minutes- so maybe I was not a strong responder to tamoxifen. These days they can test to see how well it will work for you. I have heard that the more hot flashes you have, the better it is working for you to stop estrogen positive cancer. If hot flashes are a sign that it is working, then surgical menapause plus the aromatase inhibitor is doing wonderful things for me now! But how I react and how you react may be totally different. If you notice changes, mark them down on the calendar and discuss any concerns with your doctor. Ask here if you need tips to deal with what happens when you take those drugs. But don't expect everybody's worst experiences (or best experiences for that matter)to happen to you. We are alike in that we are all unique. Therefore our experiences will be unique. Good luck!

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    Sweet MGM - I remember
    Sweet MGM - I remember telling you that taxoteres "weren't that bad" and then you had all the fun of finding out that in your case I was wrong. After getting broadsided by the taxoterrorism (loved your earlier joke!) you must be waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Arimidex. Maybe this time, you will win the role of dice that seems to determine who has the side effects. I certainly hope so! Best wishes for a smooth ride this time. Love, Joyce
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    Hi Marilynn: I'm on
    Hi Marilynn: I'm on Tamoxifen and other than some wicked hot flashes and some joint pain I am not doing so bad. I have gained weight and am blaming the tamoxifen. But, I do hope that you do better than when you had the taxotere. Hugs, Lili