Reduced Therapy Allogenic SCT

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I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has had a Reduced Therapy (Mini) Allogenic (Donor) SCT?

I've recently relapsed and gone through treatment for Stage IV indolent NHL. The doctors are saying that I am currently in remission but the cancer will again relapse. They say that at this point, I can either "wait and watch" or have a reduced therapy SCT. I have a matched donor already.

I'm trying to make a decision but would like to hear about experiences.

In particular what was the scheduling, i.e. how many weeks in the hospital? I've been told 100 days in the out-patient apartment.

Also, how were the drugs tolerated before the SCT and how did you feel after the transplant, how soon to you felt back to normal, etc.

Thanks so much for any info.



  • dpomroy
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    They do things SOOOO much better now than when I had my stem cell transplant. I had the old fashioned kind where they bump you down to zero, the mini is kinder to you, speedier recovery from what I hear. I was in the hospital for 17 days. It varies from person to person. What matters is how quickly your white cell count gets to a number that you can be out of the hospital so they don't have to worry so much about infection. The 100 days is to watch you carefully. It isn't necessarily every day for 100 days. It might be every day at first, then every other, then every few days, then depends on how quickly the cells ingraft and if you develop any complications or infections that need attention. It took me a long time to feel "normal" again. My energy was slow to come back. But, hey! Considering what I put my poor body through, I think I came out OK. I am 6 years post transplant, cancer free and doing great. You will be too.