Orange County Immune Institute?

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My brother is considering treatment at the Orange County Immune Institute in Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Fereshteh Akbarpour. He is in his 4th year of the battle with Stage IV. He may feel more comfortable with the outlined protocol they offer than trying to figure it out for himself at this time. Has anyone had experience with this clinic?


  • shmurciakova
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    It is much better to be treated by a trained professional than to try to navigate alternative medicine yourself. I would recommend that you go for it, but that is just my opinion, if you want referrences or more info., maybe you can contact one of the ACCREDITED colleges of natural medicine such as Bastyr and find out if someone can tell you anything about this place or recommend someone in your area. You can also try looking at the website
    I know it is hard to figure out where to take your brother and whom to trust, but these two places, IMO should be able to help you.
    I hope you can figure something out soon,
    Susan H.