I hate cancer

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Yesterday I gave my one year-old grandson a bath. He has very light blond hair, and when it was wet, it looked like he only had a few randsom strands around his head. It suddenly gave me a flashback to 7 years ago, when I took care of a three year-old named Katie, who was diagnosed with leukemia 25 days after her birthday. I could picture so clearly the day I sat and held her as she silently touched her head, and hair after hair came out in her tiny little hand. That was truly one of the saddest days in my life. Thankfully Katie is now looking forward to her 10th birthday and is strong and healthy. Still, I so long for the day when no one, young or old, has to experience this horrible disease. Praying for a cure!



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    Well put. I hate cancer too, although I usually say F*&$ cancer. I consider it a victory if I go more than an hour (exluding sleeping though I do think about it then too if i happen to wake up) without thinking about my mom who is fighting a brave battle against colon cancer or a friend of mine who is 25 and battling hodkins disease, or people on this site who just seem to "get" what you're talking about. It is as if there is a cloud just floating around that will in an instant cover up the sun. No matter how sunny it gets, it is still waiting for its opportunity to flash in front of the sun and remind you how dark it can make your world. I go to every doctors visit with mom and sit with her while she gets her infusion. I stayed with her 24 days in the hospital while she went through diagnosis, two surgeries, horrible recovery and hear now her worries about being around next year. I hate cancer as much as I love her, both are not measurable.
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    It is a horrible, horrible disease. It is random, it isn't fair and it impacts the rest of your life and those around you. Perhaps it is the 21st century version of the "plague."

    I am sure everyone on this board knows exactly how you feel.

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    Ditto. Let's all keep praying for a cure!