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My mom dx Nov. '07 stage iv colon cancer. She had a colon resection, removal of ovaries, omentectomy, and tumor debulking. She finished 12 rounds folfox w/ avastin and oxiliplatin. She had a ct scan, shows improvement. No new mets, existing disease stable. So now she is continuing on just folfox + avastin. She seems to feel overall well. She is 59 years young. I am considering getting her a second opinion because it seems like her current care is to manage death and not to agressively defeat this monster. She feels as if her doctor isn't being agressive enough. Truth is, we aren't really sure with what we are dealing as to existing disease or her options because they are not discussed. Do any of you have suggestions as to who would be right to see somewhere in Ohio for a second opinion? I'm all ears.


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    Yes, I would get a second opinion. I am not from Ohio, just google major cancer center and pick one near you. Make sure it is a major cancer center. Or maybe someone from Ohio will respond.

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    They are NEVER totaly certain as to what they are looking at - and what is possible.
    (no matter which doctor you get)

    You can be pretty sure though that you WILL get top-rate care eventhough the doctor might NOT have the best bedside manner.

    As far as I know they will ALWAYS make it "sound" like they are managing death ... and keeping things in check.
    - but you kow what? if any of those doctors can figure out a way to make it go away compleatly they WILL (and not because they feel for your family - but because they can put it on their cv :)

    So the best thing to do is to get as much information as you CAN (in the form of a second oppinion or the internet) and next time you see the doc you torture him/her with questions :)
    (sounds like a good time :)

    (... a "stable" disease is a good thing!!!)
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    I'm not from Ohio, but you may want to consider the following cancer centers in your state that were recently ranked pretty high in a U.S. News and World Report on the Nation's best hospitals (the web address should get you to the main page, then click on cancer in the left window): the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, ranked 13th out of the top 50 in the country and the Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, ranked 19th.

    If you could travel further for a second opinion, the top five centers are: the University of Texas M.D. Cancer Center in Houston, TX, ranked 1st, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NY City, ranked 2nd, the John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, ranked 3rd, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, ranked 4th, and the and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, ranked 5th.

    I live in northern California and last year got a very valuable second opinion on my treatment for stage 4 metastatic colon cancer from a top oncologist at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center -- so I really urge you to get your mom in for a second opinion. The main thing is to get a second opinion from one of the top oncologists in whatever cancer center you contact (try first for the director or associate director (or whatever they call them at the center) of medical oncology. And obviously make he/she is not in the same center as your mom's primary oncologist.

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    Not sure which part of Ohio you are from, but my husband has been with Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh PA - UPMC(University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). He was diagnosed Stage IV, 10/04. His doctors said "we are going for the cure!" We are still working towards it, but I am pleased with his care. If you want more info or names--let me know.
    Mary Kay
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    Hi I"m also stage 4 with ovaries removed debulking and a few other things,I live 30 miles down the road from MD Anderson cancer center,but my doctors are houston cancer clinic they studyed at MD Anderson for 6 yrs,I was already told that I would be on maitenance chemo for the rest of my life with a few breaks in between,I can accept this since chemo has not been to bad on me,I want to live and if that means going in once a month and get chemo that is fine with me,but I also know you have to trust your doctors and if you feel they are not doing they're best for you Mom than you should get a second oppinion,I'm a young 50 and hopefully I'll be ayoung 100 one day good luck and God bless you