Reference of best care in Miami?¿

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Hi all.. we might be moving from Mexico to Miami wich makes me nervious consideing my Mom's condition. Can anyone tell me the best cancer center and or Dr. in Miami or at least the nearest one to Miami??? Very appreciated. Liz


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    Dear Liz, good luck in your move. Hugs Bonnie
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    I'm in Texas but wish you luck. The thing to keep in mind is that treatment is pretty much the same all over depending on how the patient reacts to each medication. The important thing is an oncologist that you can communicate with well. Hugs and prayers, Saundra
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    Dr.Grendys in Bonita Springs on the golf side is an oncologist/gyno. I have been with him since 06 and I live in IL. I hate to go to anyone else.
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    Liz, The Women's Cancer Network (WCN), ) has a search function for finding gyn/oncologists. If you have a zip code to put in, you'll get a list of them, then you can search their affiliations with hospitals/clinics.

    There is the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida, too - While I don't think any group will actually recommend a particular doctor or clinic, they may be able to guide you in your search. It's a tough thing to decide; when my CA-125 started rising, my local doctor suggested I get in contact with a gyn/onc. I picked a clinic first, then contacted them. When I got an appointment, I was happy to find that my doctor is one of the head doctors in the gynecology center.

    I'm sure Miami has some fine doctors and clinics!