physically disabled & dx with her2+

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Just dx with her2+ stage 3, and physically disabled, had surgery, start chemo in 2-3 wks. Are there anyone whose gone thru chemo with above health problems?


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    You have not specified what type of physical disability you have, but I am sure your Doctors can work with you to cope with whatever you need. The American Cancer Society in your local area can help with transportation, contact with a support group for you and your family, if they are around. They could probably put you in contact with someone who could help you take care of things at home if the side effects of chemo cause you to have more problems. Some people have very few side effects, so it may not be a problem. Be sure to talk about any concerns with your Dr.

    Best wishes, seof
  • I read some scary things about her2+ when my cancer was dx with that label. But I have since been to doctors who say it can be a good thing because the herceptin they give you is so effective. And it has no real side effects. Please talk to your doctor for a more authoritative answer. It is hard not to panic at first...but maybe things will get easier to handle. Best wishes, Joyce
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    I have Spina Bifida and was dx in Jan of 01 with stage 3 breast cancer. I am 7 yr survivor.