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I want to share by good news with everyone. I hope this can help too. My husband was dx in April with lung cancer with mets to liver and bones. after just 2 chemo treatments his cancer was decreased by 50% ! before his treatments began he was in horrible pain, lost 30 pounds and could hardly walk. he was in the hospital 2 times.basically on the brink, knocking on heavens door.... He has gained back 20 pounds and has no pain anywhere. He is doing great and right now as I type, he is out riding his Harley motorcycle with his Son. :) never thought that would happen again.

Keep the faith!


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    Congratulations to your husband, to you, and to your entire network of family and friends! Awesome news! Thanks for sharing.

    Take care,

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    Go Harley!I love their sound. And I love the good news! Thanks for the update!

    C. Abbott
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    congratulations! and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please.....
    good news, congratulations,
    My husband also has a lung cancer. First he had bone cancer. and then this has spread to his lungs. In this year cut off his right leg. We had many times chemotherapy. But it is not so affecting to his health. Now he is suffering. We are trying to cure him. But we don't have much money. Because we spent all our money to his treatment. Please help us to find financial help. We are losing him. he is very good person. And he has very high knowledge. He is botanist, biochemist. Also he investigates medicinal plants of Mongolia. But now he is not working. here in Mongolia our salary is very low. It is impossible to go other countries by own money....
    the hospitals are ot so good ti treat cancer. I'm very sad to lose him.... This is my last way to help him....

    if you have any informations please send me e-mail:
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    I am so VERY HAPPY for you both
    What type of lung cancer? What drugs did your husband get? I hope your husband continues to have such great news. Maggie