breast cancer that has metastasized

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does anyone have any information on stage breast cancer that has metastasized..............drugs, chemo, radiation, etc... thanks for any information


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    My favorite book is Susan Love's The Breast Book. There is also a very readable book at my library called Breast Cancer for Dummies. I didn't like the title much, but it was easy to read. Check the publishing date though. Any book printed this year is already two years behind the research in the field. For cancer decisions, you need the best information(the latest research) you can find. If your breast cancer has metastasized, you want to get to the best breast specialist you can get to for an oncology consultation. Uausally the best ones are at teaching hospitals connected to a well-known university. Sometimes surgery, usually chemo or hormone drugs, and sometimes radiation can work to treat the cancer mets. The goal is to keep the cancer from causing you problems as much as possible. Several of my friends have gotten to NED (No Evidence of Disease)and some of their cases looked pretty grim when they were starting treatment. None are considered cured, but life is good anyways when you are NED. So get to the best and decide what will work best for you. Good luck!
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    Hi busterruss. My breast cancer metastasized in April of 2007. I had been NED for 4 years. It came back in the form of a plueral effusion which is fluid on the lungs. They drained 3 and a half litres of fluid off my rite lung. Then I had 7 rounds of chemo, Taxotere, and am now on femara. I have been in remission for 10 months now. If you have any questions, please email me thru this site and I'll send you my email add.
    Hugs, Linda
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    I recently had a biopsy done on my lung and found the breast cancer had metastisized to my lung. I am soon to get a PET scan and the next day I will see my oncologist, I will give you more information next week about what I find out about treatments ok.