Clean and Thankful.......

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Hi all, don't post much but read frequently. Brief hx- dx Nov. '03 at 32 yrs old with St 4 colon ca & liver mets. Had colon resect, liver resect followed by 14 rnds FOLFOX and rads. Remission for 13 mos then recurr. in liver in Jan '06. Had 50% of liver resect for a 2nd time then more chemo. I have been NED since that surgery and as of July '08 I am now 2.5 yrs clean. I con't to get Avastin every two wks. I also have celebrated a few milestones this two boys have graduated and will be starting college soon, my daughter turned 13, and I have gone back to full time at work. And by the grace of God, I too, have many, many, many more miles to go before I sleep. Thank You God for your grace...amen. For those still fighting, as you live and breathe everyday, your winning!!!! Take care all.



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    HI Averi!
    Congratulations, by the grace of God indeed. I am right there with you 3.5 years NED! Keep on keepin' on.
    -Susan H.
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    That's fabulous, Averi. I know your kids are so delighted to have you still with them.

  • KathiM
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    I'm dancin' with you, dearheart!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    How encouranging your post, congratulations God is Great!!
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    Wow, what a great story. It was a great pick me up for me today. I am so happy that life is going well for you after many battles.

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    Oh yes! Congrats! Just had colonoscopy and am i yr NED.
  • claud1951
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    Whooooooo Hoooooooo Averi.

    What a great story. Just keep using your energy for moving forward

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    Congrats ! Keep the faith and God Bless.

  • Moesimo
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    What great news. I am so happy for you,

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    I am SO happy for you! I was wondering how you have been and now I know...YOU ARE TERRIFIC! I think you need to try to attend the Palooza set for San Francisco this November. Great people to celebrate great milestones like this!


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    By the grace of God my friend. Thats it!! Keep praying.
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    Love reading posts with great news..Your post is encouraging. Hugs to you, Audrey.
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    WOOHOO! What an uplifting post!! I have been dealing with my 3rd recurrence this year BUT -- I also had the indescribable joy of being present for my eldest's high school graduation -- I felt sorry for every other parent in the room! Thank you for drawing attention to the countless joys we all get to experience....Tara