Port placement and 2nd chemo

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Ok Ladies send me some prayers tomorrow, I'm getting a port placed at 0730 and 2nd chemo at 1200. My pink mohawk is gone, my hair totally fell out this weekend except for a few stragglers, a little depressing but it will come back, I have to admit it is very strange to me. I guess I can start wearing some bandanas and hats now. Patty B


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    Hi Patty, you'll do just fine tomorrow. When i had my port put in it was a piece of cake. It's been in now for 7 months and i barely no it's there. Yeah chemo does make your hair fall out but like you said it'll grow back. Get yourself a couple of cute wigs, it'll really make you feel good about the whole process. I have over 10 and it's great!
    How are you feeling after your 2nd round of juice. Are you having any bad side effects. Remain positive and stay strong. My prayers are with you.
    God bless!
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    I just had my second port put in had one 5 years ago had it taken out and now need a another one. I can tell you it does make a huge difference in getting your chemo. I am getting ready to leave now to get my second round of chemo also. So Patty I will be thinking of you as we go through fighting the breast together. (((((Hugs))))) Terry i
  • Hi Patty, you will be in my prayers. You will be surprised at how quickly you will get used to being bald! Bandanas are great in the summer. Your post brings back memories of the day I had my port put in at 7:30am also and my 1st treatment at noon also! Before you know it, all this will be a memory for you too! Sending blessings your way, Eil
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    Hi patty I hope everything going good with you and your treatment. quick question the port how do you feel afterwards having it? Can you really see it?
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    Hey Patty: You'll do fine tomorrow. I had one put in and then taken out after I completed my chemo. Site was a little sore but bearable. Good luck tomorrow. Hugs & prayers, Lili
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    Patty you will be glad you have the port - makes everything that much easier. I had mine placed just under the collarbone on the right side the same time they did the bc surgery. There is a little bump that you can see but small price to pay for not having them stick you in the arms every ten seconds. They gave me a shot of lidocane(sp) to deaden the port area while they inserted the IV needle in there. It went very well - but I have to tell you I was nervous as a tick on a bald dog when I went in the first time. I go for my second ca treatment this Thursday. I have been blessed with mild nausea and a mild headache and the meds took care of it. Dr says it should stay that way except for increasing fatigue. hope she wasn't kidding. My thoughts are with you today that all goes well - let us know.