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Hello my name is Jude,I am a 29 year old female. I am a firefighter contractor in Iraq. I had just returned back to the states in Feb after a year over there. I was in process of getting my physical for the next contract when they found a 12 by 8 cm tumor in my chest wraping around my heart. I am currently finished with my CHOP of 5 cycles that were given every 21 days.I had a PET SCAN that came back neg. My doc has me finishing up with 18 ratiation treatment, he said it's like buying a insurance policy. I am a very athletic person before chemo I was running 6 and sub 6 min miles, I also had a stringent weight program. I had continued to workout during treatment but I never felt nor feel right now. It's like I have never ran. I have also lost alot of muscle. being physical is my job. when will I feel normal again? I thank you for any help, Jude


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    Hi Jude

    Let me say, first of all, you are a strong person to be able to continue working out during treatment. The recovery time varies for each individual. Chemo (CHOP) is a very strong series of drugs in your system. Your body needs time to recover from all of that and for radiation.

    My dr told me to wait until my chemo treatments have ended to focus on my recapturing my former body size/strength.

    All will return when your body is ready. Perhaps you can focus on doing what you can until you regain your strength.

    Please try not to worry. Your body will tell you when your ready......and when/if you are not. Just listen to your body.
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    You will get your energy back. Be patient. My brother was back traveling all over the world and playing concerts within 6 months. His energy is returning. Hang in there.
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    Think "Lance Armstrong"!!! When I was going through treatments the first time (6 rounds of CHOP + Rituxan) I would try and think of Lance Armstrong and his incredible "come back"

    Best Wishes
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    It's like starting over. It's frustrating! But start by not comparing your "normal" to your old self. Start from scratch. Do better tomorrow than you did today. Do better next week than you did this week. It will get better. Not quickly at first, but quickly a little later on. Your body has been through a lot!