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I've spent three days doing online searches to find an online support group for my friend. She and her partner have been together for 37 years. They just celebrated her partners 80th birthday and have just gone on hospice for her partners endstage ovarian cancer. Is this group a place she would be welcome? She is not really out to alot of people because they are both RN's...But...She truly needs to reach out and find a group of people that can listen, support, relate. She's an incredibly bight and caring person and she's losing the love of a lifetime. If this isn't exactly the best platform for her, can someone please head me in the right direction? Thanks for your time. White Light and prayers to you in your journey. Beth


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    What a good friend you are. We would be willing to share our experiences but mainly I think, we are a group of hope and survival. Have you found a hospice discussion group. It sounds like your friend's partner needs a endstage support group rather than active treatment or grief support. Our hospice in my town offers groups for this to caregivers. Hugs are important for this in person, I understand. Thanks for looking for support for her, Beth. We all worry about those left behind. This is just my opinion and you may get others of a different mindset. I am almost 70 years of age and would have a different perspective that young ones. Saundra
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    Beth, anytime anyone is battling cancer, they need all the support they can get. It is especially important to be extra supportive of the care givers. It does not matter what our lifestyles are, cancer is the common thing. We all battle this, we all hurt, we all grieve. We are all human beings trying to get through life. I think your friend could try some posts here or on the emotional board. And there is also a board for women who share the same lifestyle talking about cancer. Please also encourage her to get in touch with a grief group. This board is very supportive, but sometimes you need a "live" person to just hug or cry with. I wish your friend and you peace. Hugs, Cindy
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    Beth, I hope you will tell your friend to jump on in with this group. We've lent a lot of support to caregivers, and I know the Cancer Survivors Network has many caring people involved. Have you sought information from your local American Cancer Society? They may just have exactly what you're looking for. I think you are a marvelous friend to be doing this for your friend. It's a tough row to hoe, and it seems that ovarian cancer is such a mystery to so many people that it's a real comfort to be able to talk to women or caregivers who have been involved with it.
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    Amen girl!

    Beth - please know that nobody is turned away. Support is support - I think the others are wanting to be sure she is getting the correct support and doesn't feel as if she is wasting her precious time. I hope to see them posting here soon. You sound like a wonderful friend - and I hope they know this is a place of love, warmth and knowledge. Find comfort where it is offered. Take good care.