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I wrote this group a couple of months ago about my brother, Mark, and I just need to share and ask for your thoughts. In a nutshell, Mark has been fighting colon cancer over three years. He had surgeries and chemo treatments, and yet there are cancer spoots in his rectum, lung, liver, lymph nodes, and abdomen. Within the last months he has been in two clinical trials. The first did no good (grew 25%) and the second has ravaged his body. This was a treatment that was to go in cycles of 4 weeks and the third week Mark went into the hospital after days of vomitting, dehydrated, falling, and slurred speech. The doctor told him he was the first patient to stay on it this long and wanted him to finish the 4th week. Mark and his wife went to his orginal oncologist today because they were feeling that this doctor was asking him to continue the trial even though it might kill him. She did tell him to stop the treatment. Mark is going on disabililty and will take the next month to rest and try to gain back the weight he has lost. An MRI will be done of his brain and a sonogram of his kidneys. I am asking those of you that know for your thoughts on how best to support my brother. I did get input from Emily in this group and a couple of others about alternatives, and Mark did make an appointment with an immunologist recommended by Patrick Quillen, author of Beating Cancer With Diet. But he cancelled the appointment because he was just starting up the second clinical trial and was feeling overwhelmed I think. When I see him tomorrow, I would like to suggest that he reschedule that appointment, if only to get guidance on a diet protocal to help him feel better and recover. (Inside I hope that maybe he could even find out new ways to fight this.) Is this something I should do? Mark told me last night that he's not ready to give up. I would appreciate any thoughts anyone might have. Thank you


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    Has he tried any alterntive meds - i.e. accupuncture, reiki, etc? Have him check with his doc, but my oncologist is very open to adding alternative therapy to chemo and other meds as long as I keep her updated on exactly what i'm doing - especially any herbs or suppliments. My accupuncturist has had a lot of success with cancer patients, particularly relieving neuropathy that so many of us colon folks get.
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    I would see if he wants to approach the Beating Cancer with Diet plan now. If he's not ready to give up the fight, then I'd say try all avenues.


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    Flor-Essence (essiac) is said to shrink tumors. It's a combination of herbs that you use as a tea. The nurse that developed it said it's an ancient American Indian recipe, and that it has cured many stage IV cancers. It's a little pricey, and tastes like crapola, but it may be worth a try. Look at specialty nutrition stores for it. If they don't have it, they may be able to get it for you. I think the company name is Flora Co.

    I wish the best for your brother, and for you. The will he has is incredible! Please let me know if he chooses to try this formula, and how it works.

    Many hugs!
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    Yes Chris,
    I would try to convince your brother to re-schedule that appointment and to go to this guy.
    Otherwise, I responded to your question about MD Anderson, but I am not sure what they will suggest. Probably more chemo or some such clinical trial. It would be worth speaking to the GI clinic at least to get their opinion on the matter, for sure.
    I am a great believer in alternative medicine and I can tell you that my doctor at MD Anderson is more "traditional" but he never said I should not do anything. I say, go for it and meanwhile you can see what MD has to offer.
    Best wishes,
    Susan H.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother and his struggles with cancer. Cancer stinks!

    All the previous replies had great advice.

    Praying for whatever treatment, conventional or alternative, to bring healing to your brother.

    I'm so glad you are there for him. He needs all the family and friend support he can get!