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Hello Everyone...Got the results from my sonogram back today...have a complex cyst of 5.9 cm...the doctor has ordered a CA-125 test, which I will do tomorrow. If the markers are up, we will do a regular hysterectomy as soon as possible. If all seems well, we will do a laproscopy in August. The doctor wanted to do the surgery as quickly as possible because of my breast cancer and my Mom's ovarian. I am a bit overwhelmed right now. It was 3 years ago on Friday that Mom underwent surgery for ovarian cancer. And I had just landed a weekend job to get me caught up on my was due to start in two weeks. I am finding it hard to say the right words just now. But I wanted to let you all know my news. Hugs to all of you. Cindy


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    Remember that it is not cancer until the pathologist sees it under the microscope. I had my ovaries out because of stubborn ovarian cysts and they ended up being perfectly normal. I had been on Tamoxifen. That and my age (40's) can cause stubborn cysts. That doesn't mean don't take em out. They can't tell for sure what it is until they take them out. But don't panic till you have to. If they end up being perfectly normal, you will have still lowered your chance of getting ovarian cancer in the future by a major amount. If it does turn out to be problmatic, then you will have caught it very early. Also good, as you know. Good luck! I will be praying for you.
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    Hey Cindy,
    Look for the good.Think about going to work on that new job, and a positive outcome on the test. I am like you in some ways. Always waiting for the next bomb to drop. I will be thinking of you and praying that yours will be a happy result. Remember what does not kill us makes us stronger. WE ARE STRONG. KEEP THE FAITH.
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    Hi Cindy: Just letting you know you are in my prayers. Hope everything goes well for you. Stay positive. Keep us posted. Love, Lili