just feeling good

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I am a week and 4 days after my 4th chemo and feeling good, and am sitting here thinking how much i appreciate feeling like this, although 6 months ago i wouldn't have this would have been just a normal day. This is what gets me to my next chemo appointment, knowing that i will feel good again, i will jump out of bed in the morning feeling positive, wanting to fill my day and not thinking of myself as unwell. This is what makes us human beings wonderful, our positive state of mind. Hope all you ladies have these good days , when you do, share them with everyone here and brighten their day. 5th and nearly last chemo coming up and i'm ready, bring it on!!! Tan xx


  • chenheart
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    Way to go, Tan! You have the attitude needed to help you win the battle with the Beast! You will be truly amazed that soon it will be behind you, and you will have successfully conquered!

    Thanks for the update!

  • I got through the 8 treatments buy counting them down. But your way is better..you count up, up till you will feel up again! Thanks for sharing such happy thoughts. love, Joyce
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    Your message was encouraging. Just had one last Thursday and feel pretty "normal" today (Tuesday) so counting my blessings. Letting us know that after 4 you are still good meant more than you know to me. Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks Tan,

    I'ts nice to hear someone remind us to keep smelling the roses!

    I got a calendar and mark off each infusion with sparkling stickers that say"way to go", or "excellent" and get a small smile out of it.

    thanks for the Upper from down under!
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    You go! Feel good; prayers are with you.