gleoblastoma multiforme with hives or extreme rash

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My mother of 74 years has moved in with me so that I can help her. She has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 2-4 months to live. When I brought her home from the hospital her temp went up to approx 102 and she had a rash. About a day and a half later temp went away and later the rash. benedryl would not help. She has received no chemo and surgery is not an option. She chose to live out her time left without treatment because treatment would leave her paralyzed and would only add a few months. We were eating breakfast 2 days ago. She finished a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal asked me to take her to the bathroom. When I turned to take her she slumped over in her chair and could no longer assist me at all in moving her. Her speech is now slurred and all she can do is lie in bed. Her fever went up to 103.6 I gave her sponge baths all day to cool her and now the rash has come back. The fever has been gone for a few days but rash has covered much more than half her body getting very dark and worsening each day. Hospice gave her a shot of solu-medrol but it did not help. Hospice tells me they have no idea what the hives/rash could be from. Any ideas? Please help me make my mother comfortable.


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