Taxol & Herceptin

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Xeloda & Tykerb quit working after 6 mo. Getting weekly iv of Taxol & Herceptin with 2nd dose June 25. Will Add Tykerb tonight and see if I can tolerate. Sufferred a week of diareah last time. Any comments appreciated. Working on nutrition now. Suggestions? Very shaky, but it started when the cancer returned. Some soreness between index finger & thumb and bottoms of feet. Had hoped to avoid that as it was a side effect of last drugs. Had to wrap each toe and bottom of feet to protect.


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    I was on Taxol and Herceptin and had very mild versions of the side effects. I had some nausea, just had to learn to eat smaller meals and avoid spicy food. I lost all my hair from everywhere (not just head), went into premature menopause (I'm 44)and had a little tingling in toes and fingers. The toenails on both big toes came loose, but did not come off completely. I was tired, but kept working full time, just took naps in the evenings. I still have chemobrain (hard to remember names/schedules). I have heard about others on the same drugs who have a lot more trouble with nausea and pain in extremities. You can go to to look up info on specific drugs.

    I hope this helps, best wishes, seof.
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    My experience with Taxol & Herceptin was this - Was supposed to receive a total of 12 Taxol treatments, had adverse side effects from it in the beginning, had to take a break between the first couple of treatments. Nails started to lift but never completely came off - started to have severe neuropathy in feet so bad it became difficult to walk. After 6th treatment, started to get it in my hands and mouth too, so they stopped the taxol all together. No problems with Herceptin, continued those treatments for a year - had to get Echocardiograms from time to time because the Herceptin can cause congestive heart failure but don't worry you will get through it - Have faith and good luck with your continued treatments. Kitty