I need to talk!

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Where oh where is everyone chatting these days. I am soooo tired of CSN not being up. I need it up damn it. My friend just died and I NEED TO SCREAM AT THE WALLS WITH YOU ALL. Anyone care to give me directions???


  • Skybuf
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    I'm here Coug, I hear ya....I haven't been to the chat site myself in ages, Southernhospitality site or something like that...My sister called me an hour ago too, her friend died in hospital of ca.....he was only 65.....tall handsome man, got diagnosed a month ago. So I know how your feeling, she talked to me for an hour. My friend died too a few weeks ago.....so yell and scream.....it does us good. I hope CSN gets the chat up again too.....HEAR US CSN!!!!!!!
    God bless you hon....chat soon
  • Unknown
    Geez, coug. So sorry. I did not realize you did not know about the room we are using now.
    Here is the info:
    Back out the word 'guest' and insert whatever username you want (does not have to be the same you use here), then back out the word 'lobby' and insert this (exactly like this): SouthernHospitality
    You will find some new friends and some old ones, but under different names in some cases, so make yourself known.
    And I am SO SORRY about your friend. God bless.
  • chenheart
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    My computer decided not to work right after we spoke...I am glad you got the address from Zahalene! I will send you the link anyway!

    And, I am so sad about our SwampFox :-( I know you two were especially close, and his loss is larger to you than to lots of us in chat. The pain and the unfairness etc affect us all, but when the loss is personal, I know it hurts even more.

    ((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Sharon, I love you.

  • cabbott
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    (((((MORE HUGS)))) I miss the chat room too. I wish it was up and running. I'm thinking of you.
  • 1kitty
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    I'm so sorry about your friend, it's not easy when you need to talk at that moment. I new to the site so I've never been in the chat room, this is as far as I've gotten. Maybe I'll learn how this system works. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Patricia