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They took her chest tubes out on Tuesday morning and did xrays on her chest that afternoon, everything still looked good so they sent her packing home! WE got home late that afternoon. She is so happy to be home. The ride home was really hard on her. Very painful and it really tired her out. She had a hard afternoon that day but yesterday she was doing great! Moving around great, breathing good, and in good spirits. She feels much better being home. She has to keep the house like a refridgerator to breahte good though so we all are going to have to start taking some winter wear to put on to stand it there hehe. I am so glad she is home though. Its still a 45 min drive but at least I am not scrambling for babysitters everyday. The kids can go play in the playroom and I can take care of Mom.I know the hard times aren't over yet but we have gotten past another big hurdle and we are still moving on the track.
Thanks so much for all the advice, thoughts, encouraging words, and especially prayers! You just don't know how much it has meant. Before I found this place I was scared and in the dark not knowing what to expect and really no one to talk to. This place has helped in sooo many ways thanks to you guys! Thank you very much!


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    Hi Shanna.
    Tell your Mom that they wanted to start Chemo 6 weeks after the surgery. But they can wait up to 10 weeks . an that will give her time to get stronger.
    I hate Chemo but it gives you a 1 outa 5 better chance. I dont think I would do it agin. No one will ever know wheater it did good or not . But at the time.I was scared ,so I understand why people do it .
    What ever her choice I wish her all the luck !!!
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    Yes!!!! HIP HIP URRA!!!!!. Congratulation to your Mom and of course to you Shanna for being there for your Mom. Your are a great woman.