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My husband just finish radiation on the chest (30cycles, 15 days twice a day) and on the brain 12 days. Doctor said radiation will keep working so they will do scans in a month to see the results of the radiation. We are thinking to travel, my husband is feeling well, doctor approved it. Somebody has travel after radiation? Something to share? Thank you.


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    I did, we went to Cuba for a week. I had good days and bad ones, but I would have gone anyway. That was my first trip after radiation. Do want you can do because know one no you better than you.
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    My dad's a snowbird most winters, meaning he travels south for the winter to a place he and my mom bought a few years ago. Two years ago he had to have an operation and radiation for prostrate cancer and feared he would have to cancel his well-loved trip. Instead, we encouraged him and my mom to find a doctor down south and go for the radiation down there after the operation up north. Low and behold, it worked out. He needed a few more naps during his treatments and splurged on a golf cart the last few weeks, but he never missed a golf game the whole summer. At the end of his treatment, he had two weeks without doctor visits, and then he and my mom drove all the way back north.She said she had to drive more often than usual, but he was cleared for driving and took some of it too. So see how your husband feels, plan accordingly, and have fun. If possible, work in naps and lazy days as part of the rest and relaxation and use whatever you need so that neither of you is physically or mentally stressed out. Airlines, railroads, and even Disney World will help with all kinds of things if you tell them the situation and you are willing to accept that help (stuff like carts or wheelchairs when you can't manage long corridors during your recovery). Getting overtired is not a good thing, so keep the schedule light and fun and ask for assistance without shame if you need it.Enjoy!