Mysterious pain in rib area!

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Well here I am again to VENT - Why is it that whenever I go to the doctor they say "we don't know what it is or what to do"? That always seems to be the case with me - What the heck! Anyway, to summarize....pain in rib area (same side as lumpectomy in Feb, 2006) Pain has been bothering off and on, sometimes worse than others, since - get this, last November. Saw the doctor, got x-rays (nothing) Saw doctor again in Feb, 08 got bone scan (nothing) Pain is back again and it's the worst yet. Got more x-rays again yesterday and am impatiently waiting for the results. If they come back clear, which I hope they do but I NEED to know what this is once and for all - I'm going to request an MRI. Don't know much about the whole MRI thing. Think I've only had 1 or 2 in my life but wouldn't that be the best thing to do next? Very frustrated and of course you always worry about every little ache & pain that the beast is rearing it's ugly head again. Let's just hope and pray NOT. Thanks for listening. Kitty


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    For what its worth, I have the same pain~ sometimes horribly, and then it subsides. Also on the "affected" side. Nothing has ever been diagnosed~ and I am 5 Years out ! I just KNEW the cancer had spread to my bones, and started in my rib-cage. My markers remain good, my labs for everything show I am healthy, and IF this is indeed cancer, it sure is slow-growing! My breast is also is something I live with!

    Not diagnosing you of course, but this is just to let you know it isn't all that abnormal.

  • Ok, as most of you know by now, I had one radical mast in '86 and another in '88. No recon.
    I hate to say this, but I STILL have pains in chest, ribs, back. I have complained, been x-rayed, MRI-ed, etc. No explanation.
    They don't come often or severely, and I have decided that they are not gonna kill me. When necessary, I take ibuprophen.
  • I have Mondor's disease which is an inflamed blood vessel that was irritated during surgery---pretty much only happens due to breast/cancer surgery. It sticks out and creates a "pulling" sensation. It was bothering me after my lumpectomy(always on same side)and eventually went away. Then, over a year later, my ribs on the same side became very sore and after a few weeks of pain I noticed that the vein that had been sore after my surgery was inflamed again. I took advil to reduce the inflammation and it did the trick. I talked to my surgeon and did some research and Mondor's disease is exremely rare and almost never recurs. Figures mine is recurring! But any way, the taut vein was pulling on my muscle/bone which caused the soreness.Your post caught my attention because when my Mondor's recurred that first time, I was terrified that it was breast cancer in my ribs. I don't know if this could be whats happening with you but it could be worth looking in to. Just an idea. Good luck, let us know how you make out. Eileen
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    Kitty - I have a recurrance to my bones - spine and hip. In the past 7 months I have lost 45 lbs. I conlpained to my Dr ...had some scans and nothing new. So ... what changed? I needed new bras. After losing weight I wasn't getting the right support ... the pain was almost unbearable. Well ... I'm better and I don't get the pain when I wear the correct bra. Just passing on my experience! Jamie
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    I am 5-year bc survivor , and I am experiencing some pain on right side rib area when I bike and sometimes before I fall asleep.
    I am scheduled for a routine bone scan and x-ray. I will let u know; the doctor didn't seemed concerned.