lymph nodes negative

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I had my follow-up with the surgeon. 13 lymph nodes all negative. It was unbelievable news.!!! My next scheduled appointment with my oncologist is tomorrow to find out what type of chemo, how often, side effects and when I begin. I'm thinking of going away for a few days with my boys (14 & 11) before I begin treatments if the doctor gives the ok. Thanks for all your support. I read and learn so much from everyone. Thank you.


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    Hey Kit:
    I went away for a week last year before I started chemo. Both my surgeon and my oncologist encouraged it. I think it helped me prepare for the battle ahead. I don't think your doctors would object. Let us know tomorrow how you make out and what type of treatment you'll be getting. Hugs, Lili
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    That is absolutely the best news ever!!! We are so happy for you~ the light at the end of your tunnel just got brighter, didn't it?????

  • Kit, Congtatulations on the good news about your nodes! From what I have heard, that is HUGE!
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    Thank you everyone. Your kind words of encouragement keep me going. Love to all of you.
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    Well congratulations for the good news!!! Try to go tomorrow with all the questions in a paper for the oncologist, if not I'm sure you will go home and you will remember something you didn't ask him.
    I also like to take some days before the chemo treatment, usually we go three days just to recharge the batteries, have fun, and feel stronger for the treatment.
    These are all steps in this journey that we have to go through, and we can do it!!!