1st Ct scan after chemo

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My father (stage 4) is getting his first Ct scan done after having done 6 rounds of Xeloda (at 50% strength).
We know the colon tumor shrank because the doctor that removed his hemoroids over a months ago took a look with the scope - and called the tumor a "residual growth".
We have no idea what shape the spread on liver and/or lung looks like ... and my father is getting VERY anxious!!!
The ct scan is schedualed to take place in 3 weeks.

Any stories of first Ct-scan (good or bad) ... and you did NOT drop dead the following day the way my father figures these days. :)
He said he would prefer not knowing.


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    My mom just had her 1st CT after 12 rounds of folfox + avastin and we got results yesterday morning. Doc says CT scan shows improvement. Her tumor markers have steadily declined since surgery in Nov. of 07 and overall she feels ok. Doc says no new mets and that existing nodules on liver have not grown and fluid around liver is not present. My mom, like your dad, prefers not knowing. Yet she questions whether her treatment is aggressive enough and whether this treatment is just to sustain/pacify her until death. She worries most about the nodules on her liver. I wonder why they can be removed or if they should be removed. I don't know what it means yet, whether they will just be monitored until more action is necessary or what the plan is.
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    The anxiety of scans is almost universal. My first scan after treatment showed "something unusual that hadn't been there before" - I was 3A and no mets previously so it scared me have to death. I was told to wait 3 months and have another one since it was "probably nothing." 2 months and 3 scans later (a long story) I got a clean scan. I had another six months later and it came back clean with first time. I don't think there is anyway around the anxiety. Just remember - the scans show all sort of stuff - real and not. Best of luck.