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I did not have surgery.If I would have they would have removed my tongue and voicebox.At that time I told them I would rather die than live that way.I only had radiation and chemo.I then went to what they call bracheytherapy(hope I spelled it right) for 2 treatments for 5 days.They shoot radiation beads directly into the tumor.Pure hell!!! but I'm still here.As for my teeth,I know the radiation has altered the bone in my jaw,so therefore the teeth don't fit well.I know what you mean about the hamburgers.I am so hungry for so many things I used to eat and I get tired of eating the same things,but really I'm not complaining.I'm not supposed to even be here.If I could eat without my teeth,I think I'd be alright.I have problems with food sticking to my dentures.Good luck to both of you and know that you are always in my prayers.Keep in touch and let me know how you are both doing....Betty


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    Good Morning Betty!
    I love your line "I am not even suppose to be here". At my last checkup I asked my Med. Oncologist how long I would have lived had I chose NOT to get treated, she told me I would have been dead for around nine months now! YIKES! That comment has woke me up and changed my life. When I start feeling down about anything, I think of the fact that I am now living my own second life and dont need to sit around whinning about petty little crap, I just get busy living life (my second life)
    My favorite cute little saying I have seen in a while is something like this: "Life's journey is not meant to end at the graveside in a well preserved body. You should rather slide in sideways, at the very last second through a great cloud of dust, yelling "HOLY S---! WHAT A RIDE!"