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I had a MRI, PET and core biopsy done showing IDC 1.6. Due to family history, gmother died from BC at 42, her sisters had BC and mother had melanoma, died at 50 and myself had cervical cancer insitu. I had a bilateral with expanders placed at that time, sentinental node test done with 4 nodes all neg. My final path report shows ayptical hperplasia and NO CANCER FOUND. I talked with oncolgist and she said biopsy took all of it, since they took 5 samples. Now they can't decided what the size was since they use final path report. I am very confused, has any one else had this happen. Thanks!


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    Mine was the other way around: the core biopsy found the atypical hyperplasia and the lumpectomy and excisional biopsy done three weeks later found invasive ductal carcinoma in two spots! It turns out that atypical hyperplasia is often found in the vicinity of cancer, so I'm glad we explored further(not that I really wanted to be a member of this club as nice as the folks here happen to be!) I hope your doctor can get creative and figure out how to treat your cancer properly without a final path report. Get a second opinion from another breast specialist if you need ideas and your original doctors aren't forthcoming. It is probably great news that your cancer was so small that the biopsy took it all, but you still need whatever information you can get to be able to fight the beast properly.