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Has anyone had experience with the pump? My husband is deciding between 2 surgeons for liver resection due to a rectal metastasis. One, at Sloan Kettering, wants him to have the pump along with systemic chemo as well. The other, at Lahey Clinic, says they don't believe in the pump and will only administer systemic chemo after the surgery. We've asked questions but still feel completely in the dark.
If anyone has any info, we'd be grateful.
Thank you to all the wonderful people who've responded to my postings, your knowledge and kindness have been invaluable.


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    Hi, had colon cancer stage 1V with mets to the liver. Had a liver resection and the hepatic arterial pump insterted. They did have to remove my gallbladder in order to place the pump. Still have it. Hopefully will be getting it removed this September. I had chemo delivered through my pump for six months along with systemic chemo. Am glad I made the choice I did. If you need more info please feel free to ask.

    Good luck!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    I also had a liver resection and the HAI pump inserted. I had chemo delivered through the pump along with systemic chemo for 4 months. Unfortunately, the fluid around the pump became infected so it was removed. I didn't mind the pump - no nasty side effects like the systemic chemo. I'm a small person so when they first inserted the pump it hit my rib cage and caused a lot of pain. The surgeon went in a second time and turned it (at my request) and he did warn me that there was a chance there could be an infection. Best of luck in your decision.