Anyone with Brain Mets

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Hi everyone ... I only come on this sight when I am scared. People always cheer me up and then I can go on. I don't contribute because my experience is not common and I don't want anyone to worry that this junk can happen to you. However, I do need a shot of encouragement! Original DX stage 2 in 2000. Regular protocal and cancer free for 4.5 years. In 2005 found mets in the bones ...delt with that and will always be in some type of therapy. Well ...2007 found mets to the brain ...have had whole brain radiation and a gamma knife procedure that the Dr says has stablized it. From reading around the net brain mets can come back ... I don't know way I read that stuff ...but I would like to hear from anyone that has an encouraging word. Thanks so much! Jamie


  • I don't have any experience, but I do have an encouraging word. Yes, I am afraid of what you are going through. But a bigger YES, I want you to be a part of this page whenever you want and allow me to support you in any way possible. Stay a long time. You are so welcome. All I can think of that I have heard is that for her2 girls, the herceptin is a little large to cross the brain barrier but there is another drug that acts like herceptin that is smaller and can cross. I wanted my doc. to give it to me preventitavely, but she said only when brain mets are found was it used.
    I hope you find some encouragement here. I give you my love, Joyce
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    Hi Jamie,

    Sounds like a tough road you've travelled. I don't have any insight on this particular subject, but I agree with Joyce -- I'm glad you found us and are reaching out for support. Though we may not be going through what you are, we certainly all are intimate with fear of the unknown.

    It's very sweet of you to not want us to worry that what's happened to you could happen to us, but I think most of us can handle it if it means we get to embrace and help a new friend.

    Hang in there, Dear! I hope with all my heart that your road from here on out will be smooth and obstacle free.

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    I'm so glad you sent in this post. No, i don't have any experience with brain mets but in 06 i Dx with stage IV mets to bone and lung. Every 3 mos. I have to do all the scans and this time next month or sooner depending on how much worse the dizziness gets i do yet another MRI of the brain.

    I want to know about the symptoms that you had. I always feel like it's wasting peoples time and the cost is soo much. If you could e-mail me i would like that very much.

    Please don't feel like you may scare us. I want to have a heads up on what could happen and others experience in dealing with it. What you say could save someones life. Please come and visit often.

    I hope you find some answers. Please let us know if you do.
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    Hi Jamie:
    I don't have this experience, but can tell you that all of us have that fear deep down. I am glad you came back on this site and posted your message. We are all here to give encouragement to each other and to lend a cyber shoulder to cry on. Don't be afraid to post anything we are here to help in anyway we can. Hugs, Lili
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    Don't stay away because you are afraid you will frighten us... we need each other, and we want to also be here to encourage YOU. It is a reciprocal place, and none of us is immune to the "what if's".
    We may not share the exact particulars, but we are in this together, and need one another if only to vent and get things off of our chests.

    Come in any time! We know you would encourage us to do the same, wouldn't you?