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Hi Everyone I am starting Taxotere tomorrow and was wondering what to expect. I have heard it is much better tha a/c but I am still scared I learned what to expect with a/c now they are throwing something new at me. So I was just wondereing what all everyone else experienced with it. Thanks


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    This one seems to vary a lot individual to individual. For me it was easier than a/c, but that is not the case with everybody. I also wrote before my new cocktail to find out what it was like. But it is hard to predict.
    However, I think that more hair will fall out in different places. But, for me the hair started growing back even before my last treatment. Weird, huh? Best wishes for an easy time, sweetie. Love, Joyce
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    Hi Scaraher, i'm doing 4 rounds of taxotere, had my 2nd one today with two more to go. I feel fine so far. I only have a little loss of hair and purple nail beds but thats still the remnants from the 1st round of the A/C before my surgery. I had a rt. breast mastectomy w/4 nodes positive out of 21.
    Although eveyone reacts different from the drugs, i hope you have a easy 4 rounds. Stay positive and keep strong. Give god some shout outs everyday and thank him for keeping you healthy through this process and you'll be fine. It's working for me.
    The dr.gave me my cancer markers today and i'm at 18. When i was first diagnoised i was like 137 or something now it down to 18. I feel great.

    I'll pray for you!