Caelyx or Topotecan??

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Can anyone tell me which one is a better choice? The thing is Dr. says Topotecan has worse side effects and the administration is not nice... 5 days in a row than rest 16 that again, while Caelyx is once every 4 weeks, although is is more expensive. Has anyone had any of these?? Thanks for your opinions. Liz


  • floridajo
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    I have been on both. The Caelyx is basically Doxil....Doxil has alot of side effects that are aggrivated by heat..something to think about especially it being summer. The Topotecan I just completed on the 2nd. I was given it once a week for 3 weeks with the 4th week off. I actually got more chemo that way...and I found it super easy to tolerate. My numbers were in the normal zone after the first cycle. With Doxil you won't know for at least 3-4 months if it's working. I did have a 13 month remission on Doxil and since I just finished Topotecan I can't tell you how well that worked. I do know some ladies who have had Topotecan given for 5 straight days and they did seem to have some bad side effects. I think because I had it given once every week,it helped with those side effects. I;ll keep your Mom in prayer...((((hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    I had 9 tretments of topotecan and carbo. Other low white and red counts I did fine on it. I did have to have several blood transfussions and a plaelet transfusion. I became allergic to the carbo and to go off the study I was on.
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    I am on topotecan now, doxil was the last drug I was on. I hated the doxil, had very bad side effects. I hate taking the Topotecan every day for 5 days 2 weeks off and then 5 days on againIt also does a number on your blood counts I have had several transfusions. My ca-125 was going down at first-137,133.2,121.1,but then this last time for some reason it shot up to 172.2. So I don't know, I see my doctor next Thursday and will know my count on Friday. I will say that the last time he said he could not feel the tumor which is great so I am not sure how much I am going to worry about the ca-125 at this time.
    I am with Joanne the doxil I would not reccommend in the summer that is when I took it and i had a rough time with it, my legs were blistered and other areas,not a good feeling, but you do keep your hair. My hair has gotten really thin with the Topotecan so I am still having to wear hats ect.

    Good Luck!