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I am looking for anybody who went through the same surgery i did.
I had a bilateral masectomy in November, 2007. the rescontruction was done with a surgical procedure i believe called a tram flap??? something like that. This is when they take the fat from your belly to reconstruct your breasts. it is also known as a tummy tuck. I believe mine was not done right because of the way i look. I have a bigger belly now than before the procedure. Is there anybody out there who had this done and knows what this is really supposed to look like???


  • I had a lumpectomy so I did not go through what you did. But I have seen pictures of tram flap surgeries and they looked good; the bellies looked nice and flat. I would go to another plastic surgeon, have him examine you, and get his opinion. Then take it from there. If the first surgery was subpar, then your insurance has to pay to have it fixed----they have to pay to have breast reconstruction fixed by law. Good luck, please let us know how you make out. Take care. Eileen
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    I had my tram flap done in February. The area in the lower belly, just above the pelvis is flat. Above my belly button is another story. Unfortunately, that is not as flat as I would like since I've gained a little weight. The part that will stay flat is below the belly button, which is where the fat was removed. Please explain more clearly, exactly what part is not the way you expected. Hugs, Lili
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    I am planning to have reconstruction in about a year, so I do not have experience to share yet. I assume you have discussed your concerns with your surgeon. I would say that should be your first step. If he/she does not give you enough information, or information that makes sense, I would say go to another surgeon. Eil is right, the insurance should pay to have it done properly, if it was not done right at first. Look up reconstruction procedures on ACS to find out more information, or look on a website from a reputable hospital like M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX. There may be pictures on some sites, or maybe you could ask your Dr. for pics of former patients (or your next. Dr. if you go for a second opinion).

    I hope you find answers that will help you. seof
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    I haven't had this done yet, lost weight then gained weight so I have to start over. I am very interested to hear more, what I've seen bottom is flat upper is a little bigger (digestive area?. I'd like more info myself to know what choices I really will have. or side effects?