looking ahead, after childhood

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I am celebrating 50 cancer free years since my bout in 1959. I developed cancer of the larynx at six years old. I have been blessed with a long and good life. I have been treated with respect always, at school, work family and friends, inspite of my tracheotomy. I appreciate being able to live a normal life and to just fit in. I remember much about those times in 1959-60 and all the dedication and hard work my doctors gave. I remember the 'never give up' attitude of my parents. I know there has been much advancement im medicine to fight cancer since then and I believe one day the battle will be over.I just wrote a story about the year and my bout with cancer, 'Hello Cancer...Remember Me' and I hope it will give hope and inspiration to parents and families whose lives are involved in this fight. I hope the story can show survivers too, that there is much wonderful life to be lived. I have so much to be thankful for. Paul Streble