adenocarcinoma of the pancreas

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My husband has inoperable cancer of the pancreas.looking to talk with other wives in this situation for support. We have a 14 yr.old daughter. My husband is 55 and I am 51


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    hello, my husband went in the er on sept 7 07 but we did know it was cancer till nov 07, and 2 rare cancer,when it comes to the relative, brothers and sister inlaws,u have to be strong, they are like wolves....(my husband faimly) you find out who your real friends r, i told a friend and her son and my daughter know each other, they were both at a bday party , my friend son said ,her dad going to die ,my daughter heard him and her friends, i havent heard from that friend since he said that to my daughter,and i dont blame her,kids they say without thinking, i think also alot of people dont know what to say, when they dont have to say anything, just go to starbuck or a movie and talk about the kids,i dont like to talk about it, because i start to cry,sometime i feel like im going to just pass out, its just to hard to take sometimes, my youngest is 5 year old,he is aware, he maynot know want cancer is, but he see`s daddy scar and his pic line and we visit dady in the hosp,it has effect him alot, mommy aways with daddy , and big sister is watching him all the time,it makes him more attach then ever before...if it werent for my 3 old kids who drive ,he would of never went to kindergarden this year. stay strong, you never know how people will start acting, its so crazy,how people talk with out thinking,it hurts the most when the kids are effected,i will be off line this weekend im going to see my dad hes 98 year old, be strong
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    I am not a wife of someone with this type of cancer. BUT, I am a woman who happens to be a survivor of this cancer.
    My name is Debbie and I was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 29 years old and pregnant with my first child (2006). It was not until after I gave birth to my son that we were able to take a biopsy and do further invasive tests that we were able to learn that I had Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the left Maxillary Sinus. I freaked out for at first because I was unable to grasp that at my age I had a cancer of the head and neck. My cancer was inoperable because it was not only wrapped around my left eye's optic nerve but it was also wrapped around my carotid artery (deep in my head where the artery supplies blood to the brain). As your doctors may or may not have told you, this cancer is resilient to chemotherapy. Although, my doctors opted to give me some chemo in the hopes that perhaps it could help weaken the cells just a bit and make radiation all the more stronger.
    I recieved 62 rounds of radiation (twice a day, every weekday for nearly two months) and I did the chemo once a week for 7 weeks. It took a toll on my body and it was not an easy path but last month I was told, after a lumbar puncture test (also known as a spinal tap) that I had no live cancer cells in me and that I could tell people that I am in remission.
    I hope that I can bring you and your husband a bit of hope that all is not lost.
    Lucy, I am going to send you a private message through the board and give you my e-mail address. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like further information, support, or if you wuold like to talk to my husband so you can get the caregivers point of view.
    I am not sure how long ago your husband received his diagnosis but if it was recently may I suggest that he please get a second opinion. I feel as though second opinions are very important! In my case, if it weren't for a second opinion I probably would have had surgery and not made it thru it.

    Many well wishes and prayers coming your way, for both your husband, his health, your daughter and yourself.
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    hi , i hope u had a great fathersday with your husband, my husband said his was awsome. my kids r out of school, we r going to palm spring in a couple weeks,(if the doctors ok it) it about 2 hours away from us in san diego. we almost move to kalamazoo,we stay their looking at homes 4 2 weeks, we drove to holland and went to the dutch town,i love it their. how r u doing? is your husband able to work, mine is, is your daughter out of school 4 the summer? my husband did a ct scan yesterday and they didnt see the lesion on his liver, he will do the octreotide tues, my little guy is driving me crazy, he wants to go to mcdonlds ,i be back on later tonite, annmarie
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    I don't see any replies, how is your husband? write me at corny27[email protected], my husband is also not well.
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    First time looking for help as a caregiver
    My husband was diagnosed with Adenocarcoma of the Appendix. Aslo know as PMP or Jelly
    Belly and another name I cannot pronounce. Dave was diagnosed 3 years ago this coming February 15th. We live in Houston and we had hoped that Dr. Mansfield (one of 3 or 4 experts with these types of surgery. I think they called it the MOAS(the Mother of All Surgeries)...It should have lasted around 18 hours where he would debulk the jelly like tumor surrounding my husbands liver, kidneys, etc. The idea was once he debulked as much of the tumor he would then do a heated chemo while Dave was open and on the operating table. Unfortunately Dr. Mansfield found many, many cauliflower tumors all over Dave's intestines. So much so that after 3 hours, he made the decision to stop and see if chemo could reduce the tumor with the hope that we could do surgery at a later date. That was back in May of 2007.

    I realize the cancers are somewhat different, but I am 50 and Dave is 59. I have 2 gorgeous stepdaughters and 3 grandkids. And I felt the need to say hi to you and let you know that you are not alone. And also to share with you that the word incurable is a 'present' tense word. There is no telling what miracles await those with cancer just around the corner.

    You have to be your own strongest advocate (at least that is how I feel).

    My email is [email protected] - please feel free to talk. I too am a lost soul but I know that we are not going through this journey alone.

    Much love and positive energy to you and your family.

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    I'm brazilian historian, 26, and I just founded, , with my family, that my dad (61 years old) has inoperable cancer of the pancreas.
    I dont know what to expect. The oncologist says that if the first chemo shows some results, prognostic is good. like five years or more...otherwise...
    I'm very strong, like my mom, but my brother (34) is a very difficult person and keep saying all the time "oh, he gonna to die soon" and etc....
    Lucy, I would like to know more about your experience, if is not a problem for you.