Oncologist wants me to see a veternarian??

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Only because I am healthy as a horse!!!
I get so excited the first couple of days after another good checkup, sorry for being so bubbly this early in the morning but, WOO HOO!!!!!!!!


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    OOPS! I forgot to add this:

    Hope everyone else is doing GREAT this fine morning!

  • TereB
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    CONGRATS!!! Isn't it great when you get good follow-ups?
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best,
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    So glad to hear you had a good check up.Its wonderful to hear about people getting good news.So be bubbly and enjoy your day.
  • MLC53
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    You sure know how to get attention with your subject titles! Maybe we should start calling you "Bubbles"! LOL! So happy that your checkup was a good one. My recent checkups were good too. Waiting for results of my second PET scan though. Good to see your posts on the forum again!
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    Congratulations! When I get those good visits to the doctors I'm smiling for the next two days.
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    Your doing just great! Keep
    Your doing just great! Keep it up!
  • SASH
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    Doctor wants me to see a Vet
    And mine wants to send me to a vegetarian.

    Congrats on a good report.