has any one had the gamma knife?

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My husband is going to Karmanos to have a gamma knife to the tumors in his brain. Has any one gone through this treatment?


  • cabbott
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    I have read a little about it. It is supposed to extremely precise. It is in such heavy demand that they schedule its use 24 hours around the clock . It is only available in certain areas. Only a few folks qualify for treatments. Essentially it sounded like radiation that was directed from three different positions at the same time so that the bad cells got damaged while surrounding tissue was essentially unharmed. I don't know if it takes more than one treatment, but from what little I could find out, it is a miracle treatment. Good luck!
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    I think they have on at washington township in Fremont Calif. Maybe you could look it up on the Net.
    Lotsa luck prayers for him