Xeloda (or just chemo in general)

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Is it possible to shrink the tumor on ONE organ while the chmo does nothing for another?!

Just wondering because:
Normaly a CT scan is done after a couple of treatments - but because my father had his hemoroids removed a months ago the surgeon had a look at the state of the colon tumor.
(There is only a residual growth left)
I'm just wondering if there *IS* spread to the liver and lungs - will it also shrink those tumors if the chemo is working so well on the colon?

The want to do another two rounds of the chemo (at 50% strength) before they do a CT.


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    The odds are that if it is working in one area it will work in another. However, there are local variables such as the blood supply to each area that have an effect. If they are seeing success in one area with his present chemo it should be ok to do a few more cycles before doing the scan.

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    Cant give you a definate answer to your question, but can tell you that my husband was on xeloda ..along with oxal and avastin and the mets in liver did shrink enough to allow for surgery. Keep the faith. God Bless and good luck .