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Hi all,
Have a question about my husbands latest CT scan. It's been a 1 year since his last scan which resulted in surgery to see about a spot that lit up on the PET scan. It was nothing. Anyways,
this scan says: there is a small 11mm enhancing lesion within the posterior segment of the right lobe of the liver. This is stable dating back to 11/3/06 (this was his first CT scan right after he was dx with a colonoscopy). There is a 15 mm right adrenal nodule which is stable dating back to 11/3/06. Okay neither of these were even mentioned on his CT scan or PET scan last June or on the scan on 11/3/06! I don't get it, why were they not mentioned then and they are now?

Next it says there is persistent mild stranding of the root of the mesentery with several mildly enlarged lymph nodes, measuring up to 1.5 cm. The appearance is stable. What does that mean? The appearence is stable. Was is it there before or is it new.

Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. His appt. with the onocolgist is on Wed. But would like your opinions if you have one.



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    I suppose the radiologist has called up the old scan on his computer screen to compare, and finds marks on the previous scan corresponding to these "stable" features. Maybe he didn't notice them before (if it was even the same guy). In any case, it sounds like good news. Don't want to see new features on the scan indicating something growing in there.
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    HI Sandy,

    I can not answer your specific questions, but I can relate them to my situation with stable lung spots. My original oncologist has always been concerned about them. I saw one of his partners once, and he told me that if a lung nodule remains stable for two years with no change, then it is considered benign.

    Mine have remained stable since Oct. 03. My original oncologist who followed them so closely recently retired so I will see what my new doctor thinks. On my CT scans they were originally identified as mets, but since they never changed, I don't worry about them....too much!

    Keep us posted and try not to worry about them...too much!!!


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    My husband just had a cancerous growth removed from his small intestine and they also removed 14 enlarged lymph nodes. The lymph nodes showed no cancer involvement and the doctor thinks that their enlargement was responding to infection in the body. Hope this helps.
    Jo Ann