Advanced lung cancer

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I was just diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. I do not know what stage yet, or if it is small cell. I am petrified. Can anyone offer words of hope?


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    A cancer diagnosis is very very scary for all of us. All I knew about cancer when I was first diagnosed was that people died from it and that's not very settling. Now it has been over 5 years and I have learned much from other survivors. They have taught me that cancer is more of a chronic disease that we live with. For most of us things like surgery, chemo, and radiation help keep the "beast" at bay. It is not always an easy fight and I know I have had a few setbacks, but life for me has been much better than I envisioned when I was first diagnosed. I wish the chatroom was open so that you could talk to several of the survivors in real time, but it has been down for awhile. Perhaps you could read some of the stories on this website. The stories have often inspired me. Another thing that helped me was getting a plan of attack. I found a top-notch teaching hospital that was well-known for cancer treatment that I went to for a second opinion and then stayed with so that I knew that I was getting the best treatment I could get. Just knowing that helped me sleep better. Um, I don't think I actually slept very well at all the first few months, I just slept better after getting a plan. So don't feel bad about feeling bad! That too comes with cancer. Talking with other survivors and getting a plan helped. Finding a support group in my community helped. Taking problems one at a time helped some too. You can also post any problems or questions you have on this discussion board and get answers from folks that have already been down the same road. That helps a lot too. You say you are diagnosed but don't know what kind you have. Do you have your pathology report yet? If you have had a biopsy, there is a path report somewhere. Remember your medical records belong to you, so you can have them. It helps to keep them in a notebook so you will have them for all your doctors when you need them. Even my dentist wanted to know! So don't forget to breath. You are no sicker today than you were the day before your diagnosis. You just know more. Knowledge is power. Before the enemy was attacking you in secret. You may have been calmer before diagnosis, but you are in a better position now because now you know you have an enemy and where it is. Good luck in your fight!
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    Thoughts are with you but like cabbott said what does the path report say . I'm still here after two years . if you gat a chance read some of the Expressions Gallery stuff.
    God bless you .
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    Of course there is hope in life with Cancer. Don't think negative. All your thoughts must be positive. The way you think, it's the way you act. So be positive and make a plan like Cabbot recommend you. My advice according to our experience:
    First: You need to know the kind of cancer you have. NON'SMALL OR SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER. It is important. There are survivors in both cases but you cannot fight something if you don't know. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!.
    Second: Talk with your doctor about QUIMO AND RADIATION.
    Third: I read a story about a man with advanced cancer and he is still with us. His medicine was and is love of all his friends and family. And of course quimo and radiation. And it is important to have faith. Do you believe in God?

    So don't give up. I know it is difficult but over the negative scenario you need to see the good things.
    Good Luck!!!
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    I to am a lung cancer survivor of 20 years. I had large cell in my right lung and adenocarcarsonoma in my left lung 3 1/2 yrars apart. I only had to have sugery both times. I had mine back in 1987 and 1991 so they were not nearlyas advanced at that time with their meds. as they are now. I will tell you that you are very normal with being scared as I think all of us are scared just to hear the word cancer. When you find out more about yours and get a plan under way you will begin to maybe not feel wonderful about it but you will at least know in what direction your Dr's are taking you. You must remember that you and only you can make the decisions about your body.
    If I can be of any more help to you just email me.
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    There is nothing wrong with feeling petrified. I am now in my 6th week after hearing the words Lung cancer. Each little step is a reality check and accepting ownership of those words. It's important that you recognize your feelings and allow them to happen. For me, it was all part of the acceptance of my disease. You feel and move on to the next step until you accept it and take it on with a vengence to win. Mine is stage 4. No cure they say. I say let's at least get it under control, I'm not done living yet. Good Luck