varient hairy cell leukemia/lymphoma

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april o6 we were told he had diabetes ,he had bloody nose a least once a month he had pain by his ribs and his body hair was falling out, he was taking glimepride know as ameryl 4 the diabetes he didnot have, he lost weight without trying and was taking naps alot,and he felt like he had to go to the bathroom and nothing would happen. the doctor said he was doing good,.. sept 07 i took my husband to the er ,he was bleeding enternaly, he had a neuroendocrine tumor in his pancreas and a mass in his stomach,enlarged spleen,lymph node in his lung, then nov 07 we were told he had varint hairy cell leukemia / lymphoma, lymphoma part was stage 4, nov 07 he had distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy ,feb 08 his treatment for the vhll it was cladribine and rituxan,he got a full remission .april and may his ca-19-9 was 98 high,may 08 he also got a ct , they found a 7mm leison on his liver, next he will do a octreotide scan.we would like to know if anyone is out thier with vhll with similar factors,


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